What was intersting in PUBG MOBILE 2.2.0

by Skyapps, Friday, 16 September 2022 (1 week ago)

The PUBG Mobile 2.2 update is released and will be the next big update aimed at PUBG Mobile lovers from all over the world when it is released. In recent weeks, there has been a substantial increase in excitement and expectation surrounding the next upgrade, particularly since the beta version was released.

PUBG MOBILE 2.2.0 update will begin . The server operation will not be stopped. Make sure your network connection is stable and your device has enough free space.

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  • Ancient Secret: Ascension,” a new themed mode, is now out! Find out what’s hidden in the Imperial Temple!
  • The First Worldwide Virtual Concert by BLACKPINK in PUBG MOBILE!
  • Chats have been redesigned so that you can start a chat with just one tap and talk with your friends in real time.
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Ancient Secret: Ascension Has A Theme For Its Game Mode.

Golden sand is in the air, which means that the pharaoh is coming back. Find out what the Ancient Secret is all about!

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A pharaoh statue emerges in the midst of a raging sandstorm, and warrior mummies defend the mysteries of ancient ruins where danger waits at every turn. However, where there is risk, there are numerous treasures… Will you be able to survive the sandstorm zone and take the treasure with you?

Erangel, Miramar, and Livik maps.

Pubg Mobile 2.1


Follow the quicksand path into the Imperial Temple and step on the tiles in the right order to find the Ancient Secret. After that, the sand giant, who is carrying the Ancient Secret on his back, will start to move around the battlefield. Follow the mini-map carefully so you don’t miss the chance to get back to the playing area.
Enter the Ancient Secret, walk across the pharaoh’s slabs, and finish his test to get an extra reward!
Maps: Erangel



Fight until you win completely!
You have been waiting for battles that are intense and exciting for a few rounds. The game goes to the first team to win four rounds. Each round takes place on a random map, so you need to come up with strategies to beat your opponents as soon as possible.

Tip: Use a police shield to protect yourself and your teammates from bullets.

  • Available: August 11 at 02:00 (UTC+0)
  • Maps: Erangel, Livik
  • Participation method: “Mode Selection” → “Ranked” → “Arena”

New Season

Ts 3S7

  • Cycle 3 of Season 7 has started! Do new missions that are related to the Ancient Secret to earn titles that honour it.
  • The season runs from July 19 at 2 a.m. to September 19 at 11:59 p.m. (UTC + 0).
  • Season rewards include glasses, a costume, a parachute, a QBU, a mask, and headgear (C3S7).
  • New seasonal bonus point cards and a card that protects your rating for a short time. It’s easy to move up.


According to pubg Mobile every month pubg Mobile release their new royal pass. Now in July update pubg Mobile is already released royal pass in 2.1 update. But this royal pass only Unlocked on July 19 at 2:00 PM

Pubg Mobile new royal pass 2.1

Royale Pass Month 13: Exogenesis

Already, the new Royale Pass Month has started. Get the exclusive Wingman RP Skin for 90% off, and when you do missions, you’ll get Super Points back.

From July 19 at 2:00 PM to August 18 at 11:59 PM (UTC+0)

Other  Improvements

Mobile Gaming PUBG Mobile Comes Up With Blackpink Virtual Concert

Suit-X “Sylvan”.

If a player has the 6-Star Sylvan Suit-X, they can now use the Sylvan Mask without taking it out of their inventory.


The functions for subscribing have been changed, and some coupons that were only good for certain things have been changed to work for everyone. Save up to 75% on the first classic crate you buy every day. Changed the reward for signing up for the first time.


I mentioned upper what the main changes in Pubg Mobile 2.1. These are the big change and update in this game . Now I also write what’s the other changes in Pubg Mobile 2.1 July update 2022 . However these are the basic update in game which was improved and Fixed from later version 2.0 to 2.1 .

Fun Park Mode

  1. You can now practise sniper, medium-range, and other types of shooting at the shooting range.
  2. Prove to everyone who the best shooter is!
  3. Put a suit in a trial box.
  4. If you finish missions, you can go to the Fun Park and try on rare costumes.
  5. Added two new rare versions of the sky.
  6. Check out the different Fun Parks to see how cool they are.
  7. The amusement park is now smaller, but it’s much nicer to relax there.

Chat System Improved

Pubg Mobile team added friend invites and invitation cards to make it easier to get into chats. Use voice mail to talk to your friends in real time!

Result Improvements

  1. Different achievements are now given for different things. Which of the rare medals did you manage to win?
  2. Players who left a match alone can now see their teammates still fighting, so they don’t feel as alone in the results window.
  3. The results window has been redesigned. The titles are now more descriptive, and you can click on them to see what they mean.
  4. Buttons for gestures have been added to the results window. Now, players will be able to celebrate the victory and dance with their teammates.
  5. Added a “Like All” button that lets you like all of your teammates with one click. Make your teammates feel better by giving them an assessment.


Moments now has colouring pages for Status. Give each status its own personality!


  • Now added a new AMR sniper rifle for air cargo and changed the weights of submachine guns and assault rifles.
  • In order to play Metro Royale multiplayer, you now need at least 80 reputation.
  • The personal training ground now has step search training, shot search training, and special tutorials that can be changed to fit your needs.
  • We added a cloud save feature to the Manage tab so that settings on different devices can be kept in sync.
  • Resource Download Center, where people downloaded and deleted resources, was changed to Resource Control Center to make downloading easier.
  • A nicer look for the results window and a picture of the results that can be shared.
  • The controls for the buttons in a match have been tweaked to prevent accidental clicks.
  • Fixed a bug where shots would leave marks on the surface of the hot springs on Livik.
  • Fixed a bug that made some walls and windows on Livik act in the wrong way when climbing them.
  • There was a bug that let you swim out of the battleground in Metro Royale mode. This has been fixed.

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