PUBG Mobile Korean
PUBG Mobile Korean

PUBG MOBILE KR 1.9.0 Beta (Korean) APK+ OBB Direct Download For Android

With great chicken comes great responsibility. Welcome, Spider-Man!

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4.5 ( 539 ratings )
Price: $0
Name PUBG Mobile Korean
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
Genre Action
Size 737.22M
Version 1.9.0
Update March 01, 2022
PUBG Mobile Korean is the most famous version in the PUBG Mobile Korean series of publisher KRAFTON Inc
Mod Version 1.9.0
Total installs 10,000,000
Content Rating Teen

Pubg Mobile 1.8 Spiderman Version Download

Starting today, PUBG Mobile has started receiving the 1.8 update. But not everyone gets it right away. In more detail we have already told about this situation in this news .

Update Reward: Update from January 12 to January 18 (UTC+0) and get 3000BP + 100 AG + 1 Gilded Assassin Helmet (3d)

Aftermath – New Map in Classic Mode

To enter, go to “Unranked – Classic Mode” and select “Consequences”.

Game process:

Bombs and volcanic eruptions have changed the terrain of the small island of Livik. Years later, the survivors step up their training to face new threats in the future.

Science and technology do not stand still – now all weapons are equipped with the main AC module. This equipment makes it easier to aim, reduces recoil and makes it easier to fire. And the new sight makes it easier to aim with the crosshair. We hope that thanks to these changes, shooting in the game will be even more interesting.

  • To make it easier to detect enemies, the size of the city zone has been reduced and the density of the play zone has been reduced.
  • Characters are equipped with tactical glasses by default, allowing you to see the damage caused by firearms.
  • A rope has been added for faster access to the playing area.
  • Added a respawn system that gives all players one chance to return to the battlefield. Find the tower of return and bring back your dead comrades!

Mode selection improvements

Separation of Unranked and Ranked Modes (BETA)

For more varied gameplay, the mode select entry and mode select screen have been improved to separate unranked and ranked modes, improve controls, and improve ease and ease of navigation for our many users. Come into the game and play with your friends right now!

Ranked Modes: Ranked Modes only. Classic Mode: Classic maps such as Erangel, Livik, and Sanuk.

Unranked Modes: All modes that do not award rating points:

Classical Consequences, Erangel, Livik, Sanuk and other classic cards
Arena Mode Santorini, Training, Team Deathmatch, Team Gun Race and other classic Arena modes.
Other modes Player vs. AI, Metro Royale, Kick-Off, Arcade Mode – War and other arcade modes, Payload 2.0 and other Evo Zone modes.
  • Functional Improvements: The Airborne Tactics feature has been removed. Multi-selection is no longer supported in classic mode.
  • Location Improvements: Removed mode entries, keeping only mode entries. Improved display.
  • Screen improvements: The mode selection screen has been updated, its content has been simplified, and its controls have been improved so that the screen is now clearer and easier to use.



Classic Mode Improvements

New supply store

Added a supply store. Collect currency on the battlefield, find a store and buy supplies and tactical items. Arm yourself for the ultimate victory.

Current maps:

Erangel – Ranked Mode – Classic Livik – Ranked Mode – Classic
Erangel – Unrated – Classic Livik – Unrated – Classic
Erangel – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™ Livik – Ranked Mode – Spider-Man™

New return mechanic

All players get one chance to return to the battlefield. Find the tower of return and bring back your dead comrades!

Current maps:

Erangel – Ranked Modes – Spider-Man™
Livik – Ranked Modes – Spider-Man™


Base mechanic improvements

  • Added a game feature that allows heavily wounded players to swim, however the swimming speed will be reduced while in this state.
  • Added hit marker functionality: after activating it, if you or a teammate hits an enemy, the enemy’s location will be marked.
  • Added the functionality of marks on the map for use during jumps. Added functionality for markers on the map. When activated, tapping a card while jumping places a marker and a pillar of light on it.
  • Added auto jump functionality. Once enabled, it allows players to automatically jump in the direction of a marker placed on the map.

Weapon balance in version 1.8

  • MG3: standard rate of fire is now 660 rounds/min; recoil: +10%.
  • M16A4: tracer effect added; return: -10%.
  • MK47: tracer effect added; return: -10%.

Firing adjustment

Fixed a bug that caused random deviation in the direction of fire and the center of the crosshair, as well as an issue that resulted in slightly different accuracy values ​​for weapons when firing without a scope on screens with different resolutions.

Mode repeats

  • Metro Royale: Reunion will be back in-game for a limited time starting at 2:00 (UTC+0) on January 24th. Participation requirements changed: Level 10 players must be connected to a social network to participate in Metro Royale.
  • Payload 2.0 will be available in the game at 2:00 (UTC+0) on January 26 and will be available permanently.

Response Test mode will be disabled

Skill Test mode will be disabled at 23:59 (UTC) January 10, 2022

Basic Security

Reputation system

To improve the gaming environment, we have completely redesigned the reputation system.

  • The reputation rules have been changed to maintain a healthy gaming environment and reward players who maintain a high reputation over time.
  • The rules for fixing violations have been improved, and now for unsportsmanlike conduct and harmful actions, the punishment will be more severe.
  • A new reputation screen has been added to the profile page. Here you can view the new reputation rules, as well as find out the change in the value of the reputation over the past month and the current value of the reputation and the effects associated with it.

Safe matchmaking

As we strive to create a fair competitive atmosphere, all players suspected of breaking the rules are subject to a thorough check by our security team.

  1. Players can only access the classic single-player mode from the 3rd person.
  2. Players do not receive rewards for matches and achievements and are not displayed in the rating.
  3. Players cannot join teams or lobbies, participate in tournaments, spectate matches, or use other game features.

Improving the functionality of complaints

Matches will now be able to use the new complaint system feature.

  • In the pop-up window during the match, players will be able to quickly and conveniently report players who perform malicious actions in matches or kill teammates.
  • Added the ability to report players who killed you to the Career Results screen.

Game interface improvements

Lobby screen improvements:

  • “Fun Park” has been moved to the mode selection section.
  • The Brothers in Arms mode has been moved to the Squad Building Lobby.
  • Subscriptions have been moved to the purchase section.
  • Improved placement of paid events and activities.
  • Improved layer overlay in the lower right corner


Event Center updates:

– Activities have been moved to the Event Center.

– Improved display of events on the updated Event Center screen!


the background music of the lobby is combined with the music box. Players can now customize the background music themselves!

– Inventory BGM and original BGM moved to PUBG MOBILE MUSIC section

– Music from “PUBG MOBILE MUSIC” can now be played in the lobby.

Themed game modes

Spider-Man (Spider-Man)

From 02:00 (UTC+0) on January 12 to 23:59 (UTC+0) on February 14, turn on the themed game mode when choosing the classic mode and select the Erangel – Spider-Man™ map

.From 02:00 (UTC+0) January 15 to 23:59 (UTC+0) February 14, turn on the themed game mode when choosing the classic mode and select the map Livik – Spider-Man ™

Description of the gameplay of the Spider-Man mode in PUBG Mobile 1.8

Arriving on Erangel, Spider-Man encountered mysterious monsters. Fight shoulder to shoulder with Spider-Man, defeat the boss, get advanced supplies, as well as a new web shooter and web ball with which you can use Spider-Man’s abilities. Locate Spider Crates on Erangel, which contain basic supplies and even Spider-Man items.

  • Fight the Boss: Find Mylta Power and fight alongside Spider-Man!
  • Web Shooter: After gaining the Web Shooter, players will be able to shoot webs. When hit by a player, the web slows them down.
  • Web Orb: Throwing a Web Orb on the ground will envelop an area in a web that slows the movement of other players.

Pubg BGMI Mobile Spiderman Version

New season

New cycle season: CYCLE 2 SEASON 4:

It will start on January 18 and will last until March 21.

  • New Season Rewards: Rewards have been added that upgrade to legendary quality and add new resources: goggles, suit, parachute, MK14, mask and C2S4 headgear.
  • Memories of the cycle: new story missions in the theme of “Magic Battle”. Collect Sukuna’s fingers to earn commemorative titles.
  • Cycle Rewards: New Cycle season rewards. Allows you to receive high-quality supplies for free for collecting Diamond / Crown / Ace emblems in one cycle.
  • More challenge points for matches and more ways to get them to quickly move up the ranks.
  • Team range restrictions will apply in Ranked Classic. Bronze to Platinum players can now play on the same team. Players of diamond rank and above can only team up with players within two ranks.
  • A new system has been added that synchronizes the rating points of players of the Diamond rank and below – the number of points received by such players in other modes will be adjusted to the amount received at the maximum rank they reached.

New RP

Royale Pass Month 7: Royal Guard

Will run from January 18 to February 17

  • Get the Desert Ravager costume! Themed skins for M16A4, DP-28, UZI and 2-seat motorcycle are already in the game!
  • The new system is designed to reduce the burden on players: they will receive a points limit that increases every week, and the number of missions available to complete will be increased.
  • RP Game Time Removed: Separate RP game time requirements have been removed and points rewarded for new challenges have been merged.
  • Elite mission rewards and bonuses from friends no longer count towards the points limit.

We have already published all the rewards that will be available in this Royale Pass in this post .

Other updates and improvements

  • Graphics Improvements: Improved HDR material effects on Erangel’s water surface.
  • Improved screen and daily mission rewards.
  • Improved display of information when picking up items.
  • Improved the accuracy of audio markers on the minimap.
  • Lowered the placement requirements for the Lunch Statue. Now it will be easier for you to place it after the victory.
  • Added a function to enable and disable the ability to throw consumables.
  • When a player only has one throwable item or consumable, the deploy button is hidden by default.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the marks of teammates overlapped each other while in the plane.
  • Added shortcuts for quick access to new settings.
  • Improved settings screen.
  • Improved the graphical effects of the pickup screen and equipment customization interface.
  • Improved order and title of tabs in settings.

Problems in the match


Fixed an issue where there was no footstep sound when carrying an injured player.

Fixed effects display errors for some weapons.

Fixed road display issue in Livik’s urban areas when graphics were set to “Smooth”.

Fixed an issue in Metro Royale where the “Open Crate” button would sometimes not disappear.

Black door bug fixed in Metro Royale.

Fixed an issue in Metro Royale where the talent would sometimes fail to activate.

Lobby Bugs


Fixed an issue that prevented players using certain tablet models from opening the purchase page when clicking on the “Fortune Air Cargo”.

Fixed an issue where voice volume could not be adjusted on the settings page.

Fixed an issue where viewing Moments and Friends statuses could result in the screen going black.

Other problems


Fixed an issue where it was not possible to hide the matchmaking details popup.

Fixed a display issue with the Handmaid set and the Mutation mask.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Adoration emote bubbles from displaying in Fun Park.

PUBG Mobile – the well-known and beloved PUBG mobile game has come to Android devices officially. The Unreal Engine 4 brings incredible graphics and also produces sound effects that perfectly recreate the PC version. In the game, you still have to survive on a remote island, fight against other players and, if you’re lucky, stay alive!

PUBG Mobile Game Features:

  • Realistic graphics and HD Audio
  • Large selection of weapons
  • Vehicles
  • Voice chat
  • Ability to play with friends

4.5 🧑 1,183,322 total
5 ⭐
4 ⭐
3 ⭐
2 ⭐
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GET NOW (737.22M)

You are now ready to download PUBG Mobile Korean for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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