Apple is developing a 32-core ARM chip and discrete graphics card for its desktop PCs

by Skyapps, Monday, 2 May 2022 (5 months ago)
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Future Mac computers from tech giant Apple will get new processors based on ARM architecture. Bloomberg insider Mark Goodman announced this in his report on December 7.

According to the journalist, the company will use a new self-developed M1 processor in its computers. This chip performed well in the MacBook Air 13 ‘and MacBook Pro 13’ notebooks released in November 2020. The first model M1 has a 5nm TSMC process technology, eight cores on the ARM architecture, one half of which is high-performance FireStorm, and the other is energy-efficient IceStorm. The chip also contains the Neural Engine, capable of performing billions of operations per second, and LPDDR4X-4266 RAM controllers with other interfaces. As a result, the M1 proved to be on par not only with the eleventh generation of processors from the competitor Intel, but also with high-performance Intel Core i9 models. This success and the further development of the M1 line will allow Apple to fully switch to its own chips by 2022.

According to Mark Goodman, the manufacturer is already developing various modifications of the M1 for laptops and personal computers with different performance and an increased number of cores. In addition, the company plans to release its own discrete video cards with 64 and 128 computing units at the end of next year, which in theory will be many times faster than analogues from NVIDIA and AMD.

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